Intervista ad Enrico Gandola

Il sito della Fisa dedica un'intervista di melissa Bray al neo eletto Presidente della Federazione Italiana Canottaggio, Enrico Gandola.

Youngest president takes over Italian Rowing

Former lightweight world champion, Enrico Gandola is the new president of the Italian Rowing Federation. At 41 years old, Gandola is the youngest president the Italian federation has ever had and he takes over from Renato Nicetto. Already Gandola has begun to implement changes.

World Rowing talked to Gandola about his background and plans for the future of Italian rowing.

World Rowing: What inspired you to run for president?
Enrico Gandola: Passion. Rowing is my life.

WR: What position did you hold before this?
EG: I was a member of the board in the Italian Rowing Federation from 1997 until 2004.

WR: What is the first thing you would like to achieve as president?
EG: First of all I would like to change the technical organisation. Our model is obsolete. We need to change from a vertical model to a horizontal one. A change from where only one person is responsible to one where there is a team with a greater spread of responsibility. This will be coordinated by a technical director.

WR: Will you be hiring new people?
EG: Yes, of course.

WR: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Italian rowing?
EG: Our team has already reached its first goal. That is to explain to the Italian rowing world that there is a need for change. The biggest challenge is to use our resources wisely: To find finances for club projects, to develop the Italian rowing movement and to improve coaching. The number of coaches must grow with the number of athletes. We must improve the image of rowing in Italy.

WR: Is there any other projects that you place importance on?
EG: Yes, coastal rowing. It is important for us because it's recognised by FISA and the San Remo Coastal Championships (this year in Italy) was a success. Coastal rowing is the way to bring rowing to people. It is one of our primary goals.

WR: Do you still row yourself?
EG: Yes, this year I was at the San Remo Coastal Rowing Championships with some friends and every year we take part in some races. Just for fun.

WR: Tell us about the new people on your board.
EG: I am happy that Gabriella Bascelli, 26, is on my council. It's important for the culture of female rowing. We also have brought in Leonardo Pettinari, 35, (for clubs), Salvatore Amitrano, 33, (for athletes) and 42 year old Giovanni Calabrese. I am the youngest president in the history of the Italian Rowing Federation and the lower average age of the members of the board is a record for us.

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